Recover motor function
with active-assisted system

is a brain-computer interface device used for arm and hand rehabilitation in stroke patients. It is a new therapeutic strategy that can help stroke patients with moderate to severe motor impairment are able to move arm and hand by using only their thoughts.

Our Product

consists of 3 modules


Action Observation This process are based on Action observation Therapy (AOT), AOT is a multi-sensory approach grounded in basic neuroscience which involves somatosensory and cognitive rehabilitation by activating the mirror-neural system(MNS) of the brain. Recent literature has demonstrated how merely observing a specific action activates the same cortical brain areas that are committed to that motor function. This helps the planning of movement and neuroplasticity.


Motor Imagery Motor Imagery is a cognitive process in which subject imagines that he performs a movement without performing the movement or without even tensing the muscles. This process requires the conscious activation of brain regions that are also involved in movement preparation and execution, accompanied by a voluntary inhibition of the actual movement.


Electrical Stimulation This technique applies small electrical charges to a muscle directly to make its usual movement. In this setup, FES act alike biofeedback to patient’s body. Biofeedback is a technique that patient can learn to control a muscle movement by creating a new neuro-pathway from brain to target muscle. This feedback helps patient make subtle changes in their body and generated a neuroplasticity in their brain.
BrianXAOMI enhances


which refers to the connections formed by axons that project from neurotransmission to make synapses onto neurons in another location, enabling neurotransmission (the sending of signals from one region of the nervous system to another) Discover More

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